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Who is Eligible For Health Insurance?

Picking well-suited health insurance can be a tough job. The eligibility of the policyholder is a critical condition to be considered while investing in a health insurance policy. Knowing and evaluating all the factors that dictate eligibility, before choosing or even considering a plan is crucial to selection simpler.

Eligibility Factors For Health Insurance in India

If we consider the ideal situation there are as such no eligibility factors which are hard and fast but in reality the following two factors slightly affect eligibility.

    Minimum Entry Age:

  • The minimum age to avail of the benefits of health insurance for your child under a child plan is usually 16 days to 18 years. Entry age of a policy for adults ranges from 18 up to 65 years. It can also be 70 years and above based on the plan and insurer.

  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

  • If you are purchasing health insurance after the age of 45, you may have to go through various medical tests before getting a health cover. If the policyholder is not asked for the medical tests, then he/she has to submit a declaration disclosing his/her pre-existing conditions. These preconditions or revelations by medical tests determine whether a policy is accessible to a policyholder.


A health insurance policy usually covers medical expenses, pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation, domiciliary expenses, ambulance charges, room rent, ICU charges, and medicines. There are some common eligibility criteria for these health insurance policies as mentioned above but there are some special ones and it is recommended that you read the description carefully for those special points.

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